Shaina Distribution (“Merchant Site”) may process payments through Hero.

With Hero, customers can (i) buy their items now and pay for them within 30 or

60 days following the invoice date or (ii) spread their purchases over 3 or 4 payments (the “

Hero Payment Options”) by entering into an agreement with Hero.

Access to Hero Payment Options is reserved for professionals (legal persons and

self-employed) residing in an Accepted Country.

These people must be holders of a bank card such as Visa, Mastercard, American

Express or Bank Cards issued in an Accepted Country, or from a bank account held by

a bank domiciled in an Accepted Country and a telephone number from the same country as

their card or bank account. When paying by card, it must be valid for at least

one month after the last due date of the payment option.

Cards with systematic authorization, credit, prepaid, virtual or in a country

not belonging to the list of Accepted Countries are not accepted.

Access to the payment option service is subject to the decision of Hero, who may refuse

access to customers, in particular in the event of suspicion of fraud or risk of non-payment.

Hero may request more information from customers in order to authorize its

access to a Hero Payment Option. This request may concern the identity document of the

client or a request for access to the client's bank account.

Hero Payment Options are not valid for all offers and it is necessary

that Hero performs your credit check. If the customer is solvent and has been authorized to

pay for his order in installments or on a deferred basis, the payment process

will be done with Hero. The latter takes over our debt in the contract between Shaina Distribution

and the customer. In this context, the customer agrees that the claim that the Seller will have

against him can be assigned to Hero. On the other hand, the customer expressly acknowledges that he may

only make the payment in the name of the company Hero with discharge effect.

We remain responsible for all other customer requests (delivery, products,

shipping, returns, complaints, etc.). In case of refund of your order, we

communicate the request to Hero, who will take the necessary steps.

Special contractual conditions will apply in the event of a request for an Option of

Payment Hero. In the event of a conflict between the special conditions governing the Options of

Payment Hero and these general conditions, the specific conditions governing the

Hero Payment Options shall prevail.

You can view the specific terms and conditions governing the Hero Payment Options here.

By choosing one of these payment methods, customers accept the general conditions

of Hero.

Country Accepted: France